End Capped Allyl Polyether/Allyl Terminated Polyether

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: DEVELY
Model Number: Allyl terminated Polyether Series
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Ton
Price: negotiation
Packaging Details: net weight 200kgs in iron drum
Delivery Time: within 25 days after receive the down payment
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 1000 MT/month
Product Description

End capped Allyl Polyether



These end capped allyl polyether contain one or two functional groups (double bond). The end product by methyl, allyl, epoxy group, butyl or acetyl termination. The glycol chain not necessarily only consists of polyethylene glycol. It is also possible to make random ethylene and propylene glycol copolymers or polymers based only on polypropylene glycol. Popular products are based on pure ethylene glycols and random EO/PO copolymers. For most applications, these products are reacted with siloxanes to obtain the so called polyether modified siloxanes (silicones). This hydrosilylation reaction is a Pt (platinum) catalyzed reaction. The double bond of the polyether is reacted with the Si-H bond of the siloxane. Our reactive glycol diethers do not contain any free hydroxyl groups. Therefore, undesirable side reactions involving the -OH group are avoided.


Chemical Name Chemical Structure

Polyethylene glycol allyl methyl ether





Polyalkylene glycol allyl methyl ether

(EO/PO random)



n=2~40 m=2~40


Polyethylene glycol Diallyl ether





Polyalkylene glycol Diallyl ether

(EO/PO random)



n=2~40 m=2~40


Polyethylene glycol allyl glycidyl ether





Polyalkylene glycol allyl glycidyl ether

(EO/PO random)



n=2~40 m=2~40


Polyethylene glycol allyl acetate





Polyalkylene glycol allyl acetate

(EO/PO random)



n=2~40 m=2~40




Main Application:

This series product can improve the quality of the polyether modified silicone oil evidently, widely used in foam stabilizer for polyurethane, personal daily series protective chemical product, leveling agent for coating, agricultural organic silicon synergistic agent, fabric hydrophilic antistatic soft finishing agent, self-emulsifying antifoaming agent, water-solubility lubricant, antifoggant agent for glass and crosslinking sealant, etc.



Packing & Storage:

• Package: net weight 200kg in iron drum.

• Store in cool, dry and ventilated places; keep away from sunshine and rain.

• Quality guarantee period: 12 months.

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