Allyl Polyethylene Glycol Polypropylene Glycol Epoxypropyl Ending MW480 EO/PO 7/1 CAS No.: 67952-83-4

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: DEVELY
Model Number: CAS No.: 67952-83-4
Minimum Order Quantity: 1MT
Price: negotiate
Packaging Details: net weight 200 KGS in the iron drum
Delivery Time: within 25 days after receiving the advance payment
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 1000MT/month
Detail Information
Product Name: Allyl Polyethylene Glycol Polypropylene Glycol Epoxypropyl Ending Structure: CH2=CHCH2O(C2H4O)n(C3H6O)mCH2(CHCH2)O
CAS No.:: 67952-82-4 Application: Textile Softener

Product Description

Allyl Polyethylene Glycol Polypropylene Glycol Epoxypropyl Ending




Structure: CH2=CHCH2O(C2H4O)n(C3H6O)mCH2(CHCH2)O

CAS No.: 67952-83-4


Quality Specifications:

Color Pt-Co 100 Max.
Iodine Value 12g/100g 50.80 Min.
Epoxy Value mol/100g 0.15 Min.
Acid Value mgKOH/g 0.15 Max.
Moisture % 0.5 Max.
K+ Na+ ppm 15 Max.



Main Application:

It contain unsaturated double bond and also contain the high reactivity epoxy ended, with low viscosity, good flexibility etc. The chemical structure contain allyl and two activity groups of epoxy. It is the important organic synthesis intermediates, mainly used for diluent agent of epoxy resin, stabilizer agent of chloride and fabric finishing agent. It has good reactivity and activity, through addition reaction and hydrolysis reaction to be the various reagents for the paint and coatings industry; It is the important intermediate, polymerization monomer and the organic synthesis intermediate for synthetising various surfactants. Through this series products grafting on the hydrogen silicon bond to get the good water solubility and surface activity, so it is the Organo silicon surfactant for the daily life fine chemical industry. And it is also as the additive agent, solvent agent, catalyst agent, cross-linking agent and chain transfer agent in epoxy resin, chemical fiber, plastics and rubber production. It has important applications in organic chemical industry.



Allyl Polyethylene Glycol Polypropylene Glycol Epoxypropyl Ending MW480 EO/PO 7/1 CAS No.: 67952-83-4 0


Packing & Storage:

• Package: 200kg drum or according to customer’ s requirement.

• Store in cool, dry and ventilated places; keep away from sunshine and rain.

• Quality guarantee period: 12 months.


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