polyoxyethylene polypropylene oxide block polymer Cas no. 9003-11-6

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: DEVELY
Model Number: EO/PO polyether
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 MT
Packaging Details: 200 KGS in the iron drum
Delivery Time: 30 days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 200 MT per month
Product Description

polyoxyethylene polypropylene oxide block polymer


【Chemical component】polyoxyethylene—polypropylene oxide block polymer


【Technical indicator】

Item Appearance
Molecular weight Viscosity
(25℃ CPS)
Cloud point
(1%aqueous solution)
Melting point
Moisture(%) PH
(1%aqueous solution)
L61 colorless clear liquid 2000 285 17~21 ≤1.0 5.0~7.0 3
L62 colorless clear liquid 2500 400 21~26 ≤1.0 5.0~7.0 7
L63 colorless clear liquid 2650 475 34 ≤1.0 5.0~7.0 11
L64 colorless clear liquid 2900 550 57~61 ≤1.0 5.0~7.0 13


【Properties and application】

As low foaming detergent or anti-foaming agent;
L61, L64 is used in preparation of low-foaming synthetic detergent with high detersive power;
L61 is used as anti-foaming agent in paper-making and fermentation industry;
It is used as drug excipient and emulsifying agent;
For dyeing of textile, photography developing;
Useful anti-static agent;
As dispersing agent in emulsion coating;

【Packaging and storage】

200Kg iron drum; should be preserved and transported as ordinary chemicals in ventilated and dry place; shelf life: 2 years

Contact Details

Phone Number : 0086-13738028166